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Introducing the CrossMed Portal - your new streamlined credentialing process

Introducing the CrossMed Portal 

The CrossMed Portal is simplifying and streamlining the credentialing. With the portal, we aim to empower healthcare travelers by centralizing their information, providing a user-friendly interface for documentation, and ultimately expediting the task of credential

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Travel as Rad Tech with CrossMed

Top 10 Rad Tech Traveler Tips to Know

Are you a radiologic technologist with a passion for exploration and career advancement? If so, consider the world of radiology tech traveling, which can provide a fulfilling and dynamic experience. Working as a radiology tech

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travel as an er rn crossmed healthcare

Experiences of Traveling as an ER RN 

Traveling as an ER RN is a dynamic blend of challenges and rewards. These healthcare adventurers, driven by a passion for nursing and a love of travel, embark on unique journeys across state lines. They

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At CrossMed, we strive each day to make a difference in the lives of healthcare professionals by being a valuable resource for them on a personal level and helping them reach their career goals.

The “Why” Behind CrossMed Healthcare  

As a healthcare traveler, understanding why a healthcare staffing agency is in business should be part of your fundamental investigation before deciding on a agency to work with.     Knowing the “why” behind what a agency

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