Introducing the CrossMed Portal - your new streamlined credentialing process

Introducing the CrossMed Portal 

As a healthcare traveler, you’re on the move and often find yourself entangled in a web of paperwork and time-consuming processes when seeking new job opportunities. Let’s be honest; getting from one assignment to another can be quite the haul to complete everything you need before the start date. Recognizing the need for a streamlined solution, we are excited to introduce CrossMed Portal – your comprehensive, one-stop shop for healthcare travelers. This platform simplifies the entire job application process, from filling out information to completing credentialing and landing your dream job faster than ever before. 


Let’s review the benefits of using the portal: 

  1. A place to manage all your information. CrossMed Portal is a centralized hub where healthcare travelers can effortlessly fill out their information, saving it securely for future use. No more redundant data entry or time wasted on repetitive steps for each assignment. With a few clicks, your details are readily available, giving you control of your profile.
  2. We’re all craving it; streamlining the credentialing process! This is often a significant hurdle in the job application journey. CrossMed Portal simplifies this by providing a user-friendly interface to complete all credentialing requirements. From licenses and certifications to references and work history, our portal ensures that all necessary documentation is easily accessible and up to date.
  3. Have your references in one place. Gone are the days of chasing down references separately. The CrossMed Portal integrates a feature that allows you to complete references within the platform. This saves time and provides a more efficient and reliable reference system, contributing to a smoother hiring process.
  4. Save time and stop clicking a ton of buttons to find jobs. By combining all essential elements of the job application process in one place, CrossMed Portal significantly reduces the time it takes to apply for positions. This efficiency benefits healthcare travelers by saving valuable time and allows us to expedite the hiring process. As a result, you’ll find yourself landing that dream job faster than ever.
  5. We understand that simplicity is vital. CrossMed Portal features an intuitive interface designed with you in mind. Navigating the portal is a breeze, allowing healthcare travelers to focus on what they do best – providing quality care.


Let’s bring it back to benefit #2, streamlining the credentialing process. 

Credentialing is a formidable challenge across the board in the healthcare staffing industry for travelers, often casting a shadow over the excitement of pursuing new assignments. This intricate process involves meticulously verifying a healthcare traveler’s education, training, licensure, and work history to ensure they meet the rigorous standards of healthcare institutions and regulatory bodies. For healthcare travelers who frequently move between assignments, each transition requires a renewed commitment to navigating this labyrinth of documentation. 


The complexity of credentialing arises from the many requirements imposed by different healthcare facilities and regulatory authorities. Gathering transcripts, licenses, certifications, and professional references demands significant time and attention to detail. Each institution may have its own specific criteria, adding layers of intricacy to the already demanding process. Moreover, the need for prompt and accurate submission of these documents is paramount, as any delays may impede the traveler’s ability to secure a new position and begin their assignment on schedule. 

The challenge intensifies for healthcare travelers who aspire to maintain a seamless and continuous career path. As they traverse geographical boundaries in pursuit of diverse experiences, keeping their credentials current and accessible becomes paramount. The fear of overlooking a crucial document or encountering unexpected roadblocks in the credentialing process looms large, adding a layer of stress to an already demanding professional lifestyle. 

In response to these challenges, the innovative solutions of the CrossMed Portal simplify and streamline credentialing. We aim to empower healthcare travelers by centralizing their information, providing a user-friendly interface for documentation, and ultimately expediting the task of credential verification. We believe the CrossMed Portal is a game-changer. By offering a one-stop solution for information management, credentialing, and job applications. Check it out for yourself! 

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