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The adventure of being a healthcare traveler is an exciting journey through the world of healthcare. It’s a career choice that allows healthcare professionals to combine their passion for patient care with their love for exploration. These adventurous healthcare warriors take on short-term assignments in diverse locations nationwide.


Healthcare Travelers We Staff

As a healthcare traveler, you have diverse settings and specialties to expand your career. Hospitals and healthcare facilities frequently require the assistance of healthcare travelers to address staffing shortages, cover maternity leaves, fill challenging positions, and manage fluctuations in patient volumes. This is where you come into play! Here’s what you can anticipate while you begin on your healthcare travel journey:


  • Assignment Durations of Approximately 13-26 Weeks
  • Competitive Compensation Packages
  • Access to Career Opportunities Nationwide
  • Enhanced Professional Experience
  • Flexibility in Your Work Arrangements

Coast to coast, CrossMed has you covered

From bustling urban hospitals to remote clinics nestled in scenic landscapes, each assignment presents a unique experience and a chance to make a meaningful impact on patient care. CrossMed is your trusted partner throughout this exciting journey, providing competitive compensation, seamless logistical support, and access to various healthcare specialties. With every assignment, you’ll gain valuable expertise, forge new connections, and create lasting memories in locations you may have never otherwise explored. Join us in the adventure of healthcare travel with CrossMed, where your career takes flight and your passion for healthcare meets the thrill of discovery.

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