CrossMed Expands Healthcare Staffing Services with Launch of Locum Tenens Division

CrossMed Expands Staffing Services by Launching of Locum Tenens Division 

CrossMed, a leading healthcare staffing agency in Omaha, proudly announces the launch of its Locum Tenens Division, solidifying its position as a leader in healthcare staffing services. This strategic move addresses critical staffing gaps for healthcare facilities and unlocks exciting opportunities for physicians or advanced practice providers seeking diverse travel experiences.  

Bridget Weber, CEO at CrossMed, stated, “We are thrilled to introduce the Locum Tenens Division as part of our commitment to meeting the dynamic needs of the healthcare industry. By offering locum tenens solutions, we aim to bridge staffing gaps in healthcare facilities and create exciting opportunities for healthcare professionals to advance within their career.”  

In response to the dynamic changes in the healthcare industry, our collaboration with locum tenens has proven instrumental in helping healthcare facilities navigate temporary staffing challenges effortlessly. Ali, the Director of Locum at CrossMed, highlights the significance by stating, “Our Locum Tenens Division goes beyond merely filling gaps; it’s about building trust and setting a new benchmark for excellence in healthcare staffing with our dedicated team.” 

Matt Smutny, Director of Locums at CrossMed, echoed the sentiment, saying, “Our focus is not just on staffing; it’s on understanding the unique goals of each healthcare facility. By partnering with CrossMed, we aim to alleviate staffing shortages and help healthcare facilities achieve their objectives.”  

CrossMed’s Locum Tenens Division creates exciting career opportunities for physicians who have a passion for travel and desire diverse work experiences. This new offering allows healthcare practitioners to explore different regions while making a meaningful impact on patient care. Ali added, “The Locum Tenens Division is not just about providing temporary placements; it’s about creating enriching experiences for healthcare professionals who seek flexibility and adventure in their careers.”  


Key Features of CrossMed’s Locum Tenens Division:  
  • Comprehensive Staffing Solutions: CrossMed will connect healthcare facilities with qualified professionals across various specialties, ensuring a seamless fit for temporary positions.  
  • Personalized Placement: Tailored to the preferences and expertise of healthcare professionals, the Locum Tenens Division will provide personalized placement services, maximizing job satisfaction.  
  • 24/7 Support: CrossMed remains committed to exceptional customer service, offering round-the-clock support for healthcare facilities and professionals, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience.  


About CrossMed:  

CrossMed is a leading healthcare staffing agency based in Omaha, Nebraska, dedicated to connecting healthcare facilities with qualified professionals. With a commitment to innovation and excellence, CrossMed strives to redefine healthcare staffing solutions and provide unparalleled support to facilities and healthcare professionals. Connect with our team today to learn more.

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