Traveler benefits

Our travelers provide care and protection — they deserve the same.

When you travel with us you can start enjoying your assignment right away with peace of mind. You're part of our family and we protect you like our own with our nurse traveler benefits and perks.

Health & Wellness

Personalized Pay Package

Licensure Reimbursement

One of the perks of traveling is the ability to work and explore in new places. This can sometimes mean you need a new license for the state where you plan to work. If you incur expenses for your license because of your assignment, we will reimburse you for the fees associated with the cost of the license needed for that state.


We understand how important continuing education is and your desire to learn & grow! We will pay $100 per contract for this, and up to $400 per year!

Weekly Pay & Online Paystubs

We understand your need for timely pay. Furthermore, our payroll partner, allows you to view your paystub on the same day your pay is direct deposited into your personal bank account.


We will provide you a reimbursement needed for any new certifications needed per your new facility! This includes any assignment, anytime.

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