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Top 7 In-Demand Specialties for Locum Tenens in 2024 

Get ready for an exciting journey into 2024 with strategic planning and setting dynamic goals! If you’re navigating the landscape of healthcare staffing and looking for solutions, we’re here to support you every step of the way.

Join forces with our team to stay ahead of shortages by identifying your staffing needs and being strategic to find the best candidates. As we look back on the 2023 Locum Tenens Market Growth Assessment, here are the seven high-demand specialties that should be on your radar: 

  1. Emergency Medicine: Emergency medicine remains a critical specialty, and the demand for locum tenens emergency physicians is expected to rise in 2024. As the ER departments fluctuate in patient volume, healthcare providers play a critical role in ensuring timely and quality care is provided. 
  2. Telemedicine: The rise of telemedicine has been exponential, and it’s expected to continue reshaping the healthcare industry in 2024. Locum tenens providers with expertise in telehealth technologies will be in high demand as healthcare organizations strive to enhance their virtual care capabilities. 
  3. Psychiatry: With mental health awareness growing, comes an increase in need for psychiatric services. Locum tenens psychiatrists will be needed to aid where access to mental health services is limited. 
  4. Primary Care: The demand for locum tenens primary care physicians and nurse practitioners remains steady, driven by the ongoing need for comprehensive and preventive healthcare services. Physicians can play a vital role in filling gaps in primary care coverage. 
  5. Radiology: In the ever-advancing field of medical imaging, Locum Tenen radiologists will be needed to provide expertise in reading and interpreting diagnostic images. This specialty allows healthcare facilities to manage increased diagnostic demands without compromising on accuracy. 
  6. Hospitalist Medicine: Hospitalists continue to be instrumental in managing inpatient care efficiently. Hiring locum tenens is particularly well-suited for hospital positions, allowing healthcare facilities to adapt to fluctuating patient admissions while maintaining quality patient care. 
  7. Pediatrics: Locum Tenen pediatricians are anticipated to be in high demand, addressing the ongoing shortage of pediatric specialists. These professionals play a crucial role in ensuring that children receive quality healthcare, especially in regions where access to pediatric services is limited. 


With an increasing number of needs across the United States, Locum Tenen’s demand is continuing to grow based on the aging population, rising health complications, and complex care plans provided by physicians. Staying up on the needs of your healthcare facility starts with understanding the demand and how staffing agencies help nurture their talent pools to provide locum tenens to fill the gaps.  


CrossMed Healthcare

As a locum staffing agency, CrossMed prides itself on being a valued partner between healthcare facilities and clinicians. Our job is to provide a service to both parties and ensure both have the best experience possible. What makes this experience the best for you? We are so transparent and honest to ensure you’re satisfied! We provide a concierge service to ensure a seamless transition to CrossMed.  

In 2024, locum tenens providers are in demand and crucial to filling healthcare facilities’ staffing gaps. Whether you’re looking for a Locum Tenen staffing partner or a recruiter to help you accomplish your goals, we’re the team for you! Connect with the Crossmed team to learn more! 

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