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Being a Cath Lab healthcare traveler is like embarking on a thrilling adventure with a stethoscope as your compass and a suitcase full of scrubs as your gear. You’re a healthcare hero by day, tending to patients in new and exciting locations, and by night, you’re an explorer, uncovering the hidden gems of each city. 

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Navigating your Cath Lab travel career

If you’re a Cath Lab Registered Nurse (RN) or Technician seeking a dynamic and rewarding career, you’re in the right place. At CrossMed Healthcare, we specialize in connecting skilled healthcare professionals like you with exciting travel opportunities in Cath Labs across the United States.

Navigating the staffing industry as a healthcare traveler is a fantastic journey. Most nurses can begin traveling after roughly two years of experience before they jump into short-term assignments. These assignments typically last between 13 and 26 weeks, though they can be shorter or longer depending on the need. As a traveler, you get the opportunity to experience different settings in a variety of locations nationwide! 

Who do we staff

Currently, CrossMed is looking to staff RNs and Techs across the country in the following modalities: Cath Lab RNs, Cath Lab Techs, EP RNs, EP Techs, IR RNs and IR Techs. 

Perks of healthcare travel

Traveling as a healthcare professional is more than just a job; it’s an adventure that combines professional growth, financial rewards, and a chance to explore nationwide. Check out the amazing perks of being a healthcare traveler! 

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Adventure Awaits

One of the most enticing aspects of being a Cath Lab traveler is exploring new places. Whether you’ve dreamed of strolling along California’s coastline, experiencing the vibrant culture of New Orleans, or enjoying the tranquility of a rural setting, being a Cath Lab traveler can take you there.

financial rewards of a healthcare traveler

Financial Rewards

Cath Lab travelers receive higher pay rates than their permanent counterparts, including benefits like housing stipends, travel allowances, and bonuses. This financial flexibility allows for significant savings or the ability to pay off student loans faster.

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Professional Growth

Working in diverse healthcare environments exposes travelers to to various clinical experiences. This can enhance their skills and make them more adaptable. Additionally, it looks impressive on a resume and can lead to permanent positions or higher-paying assignments.

flexible schedule as a healthcare traveler

Flexible Schedules

Cath Lab travelers can choose when and where they work, offering unparalleled career flexibility. This flexibility allows for a better work-life balance and more control over your life.

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