Resources for travel nurses

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Nurse Licensure Compact States

The Nurse Licensure Compact allows any nurse who resides in one of the 27 participating compact states to practice nursing in any of the states forming the compact state alliance. In order to work in a compact state, a nurse must have proof of residence in a compact state as well as a current, active RN license in said state. The nurse does not need to obtain licensure in any of the other participating compact states.

Combine the high pay of travel nursing with our Tax Advantage Plan to earn the money you deserve — all while working at top hospitals across the U.S.

Click here for more details. For a PDF of the NLC states, click here.

Tax Advantage Plan

Employees who travel out of town as a condition of their employment are often reimbursed for reasonable travel expenses. And because the IRS considers these costs to be a business expense rather than earned income, qualified reimbursements are deemed to be non-taxable when paid to you.

We established the Tax Advantage Plan so that our traveling RNs are aware that certain expenses are considered non-taxable for income tax purposes. We also want to make you aware that the IRS has strict rules on allowable expenses and that every travel nurse should seek professional advice before filing their income taxes. High pay, comprehensive benefits and non-taxable travel reimbursements are just some of the benefits of travel nursing. For more details, click here.

Travel Reimbursements Round-Trip

We want to ensure that you love your travel experience, which is why we offer reimbursement to offset your travel to and from each assignment. Most traveling healthcare professionals choose to drive their own cars to their new jobs since they enjoy the personal mobility and freedom of a vehicle once they arrive at their destination. In some instances, however, flying to a travel job may be a better option. Whether you choose to drive or to fly, you can take advantage of our travel reimbursement benefit. For standard reimbursement rates, click here.