Resources for travel nurses

You work hard, so we have compiled a list of resources to make things easier for you!

As part of your pay package for a travel assignment with CrossMed, you are eligible to receive TAX-FREE stipends. These stipends (for housing, meals, etc.) are meant to be used to pay for your housing while traveling. Please speak with a knowledgeable CrossMed recruiter if you have questions on how stipends work. Below are some resources you can use to find housing where your next adventure takes you!

Furnished Finder – a website dedicated to monthly furnished rentals all over the United States specifically for travel nurses and traveling professionals.

Travel Nurse Housing – another great website designed to help travel nurses find housing.

Airbnb – Airbnb can be a great way to find housing in the area of your assignment with plenty of options.

VRBO – much like Airbnb, VRBO has a plethora of housing options across the country.

Extended Stay Hotels – For good rates, please let them know you are a traveling health care provider and ask for discount rates!

The way you get paid as a travel nurse is different than the way staff nurses are paid. As an example, at CrossMed, you are paid every week – on Friday – and you also get your hourly wages as well as your stipends. Stipends, as mentioned above, are a form of TAX-FREE income that helps offset housing and other expenses while you travel. However, it is important to note that the amount of stipends you can get paid weekly depends on the cost of living in the area where you are working. So, for example, you will get higher TAX-FREE stipends if you are working in an area like San Francisco than if you are working in a remote area of Nebraska. Below is a link where you can look-up what the maximum amount of stipends you can earn weekly by area of the country. These amounts are set by the United States Government.


If you have worked in healthcare for any length of time, you know the routine of making sure your licenses and certifications are all up to date. Finding recertification classes can be a little bit of a challenge if you are traveling, so here is where you can find classes for American Heart Association recertifications. Please note that most staffing company require certifications to be AHA.

Find AHA BLS Classes




Considering taking an assignment and want to know a little more about the hospital you will be working at? The only better resource for information about hospitals other than your friendly CrossMed recruiter is the American Hospital Directory. Use the link below to search for all the information you could want on any hospital in the United States.

American Hospital Directory