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As a healthcare travel therapist, you experience new adventures in different locations while enjoying the local highlights and creating memories in new surroundings. Take on new hobbies wherever your destination takes you and thrive in your new facility, improving the lives of all your patients. 

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Navigating Travel Therapy

Travel nursing, the exciting and dynamic field within the healthcare industry, offers a unique blend of professional growth and personal adventure. As healthcare providers continue to experience shortages and fluctuations in demand, the role of the travel nurse becomes increasingly essential. 

Navigating the staffing industry as a travel nurse is a fantastic journey. Most nurses can begin traveling after roughly two years of experience before they jump into short-term assignments. These assignments typically last between 13 and 26 weeks, though they can be shorter or longer depending on the need. As a travel nurse, you get the opportunity to experience different settings in a variety of locations nationwide! 

Who do we staff

Currently, CrossMed is looking to staff therapists across the country in the following modalities: physical therapy and occupational therapy.

Perks of healthcare travel

Being a travel therapist is more than just a job; it’s an adventure that combines professional growth, financial rewards, and a chance to explore nationwide. Check out the amazing perks of being a healthcare traveler! 

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Adventure Awaits

Financial Rewards

Professional Growth

Flexible Schedules

A primary allure of travel therapy lies in the thrill of discovering new destinations. Whether you’ve envisioned running along the rugged coastlines of Oregon, immersing yourself in the lively streets of Tennessee, or getting back in touch with mother nature in the Midwest, traveling opens doors to various possibilities.

As a healthcare travel therapist, you are able to enjoy competitive financial rewards, including higher rates than permanent positions and additional benefits such as housing stipends, travel reimbursements, and bonuses. Enjoy short-term assignments financial perks and the flexibility for each new desired location.

Healthcare travel therapists benefit from diverse professional growth opportunities, gaining experience in various clinical settings and healthcare systems. This exposure enhances skills and adaptability, work with different patients in new areas, and makes you more a more versatile and an attractive candidate.

Travel therapists can choose when and where they work, offering unparalleled career flexibility. This flexibility allows for a better work-life balance and more control over your life. Enjoy picking up new hobbies, exploring the area, or even being able to take time off between assignments for vacation or visiting loved ones back home. 

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