The “Why” Behind CrossMed Healthcare  

At CrossMed, we strive each day to make a difference in the lives of healthcare professionals by being a valuable resource for them on a personal level and helping them reach their career goals.

As a healthcare traveler, understanding why a healthcare staffing agency is in business should be part of your fundamental investigation before deciding on a agency to work with.    

Knowing the “why” behind what a agency does provides insight into its mission, values, and goals and allows you – as a healthcare professional – to see if it aligns with your own personal “why.”   

Since there are many healthcare staffing agencies to choose from, it can be overwhelming to find the right healthcare recruiter and company, so finding out the “why” of a company is a perfect starting point. A company’s purpose serves as its compass and will give you a glimpse into your experience traveling with that company.     


Why CrossMed Exists   👇

At CrossMed, we do what we do so that we can make a difference in the lives of healthcare professionals by understanding the unique needs of the healthcare industry and thereby ensuring that travelers find roles that best match their skills, preferences and career goals.   

So, what does that mean? We are glad you asked!   

Healthcare facilities often face fluctuating needs when it comes to staffing due to various factors, including season changes, pandemics like we recently experienced and growing patient bases. At CrossMed, we address these challenges by providing highly qualified travelers (like you!) which allow facilities to maintain the best possible patient care and efficiency.  

With the expertise and experience CrossMed brings to the table, we streamline the recruitment process of finding the perfect fit for travelers. We also ensure that all travelers are compliant with necessary certifications, licenses and regulations for the benefit of both the traveler and the facilities we help staff.   


How Do We Do It?  

Well it all starts with CrossMed’s “We Over Me” mentality. By placing our energy and efforts behind working for the greater good of the healthcare community, we can develop impactful relationships throughout all phases of the industry. From there, we can make a difference in the direction and future of healthcare.    


So, here is how we live out this mission daily.   

1. We create a vibrant and healthy work environment    

Before we can provide traveling healthcare professionals with a personalized experience, we hire internal staff members who fit the “We Over Me” philosophy and who provide services both travelers and healthcare facilities will appreciate. This focus has been paramount for us. We are meticulous about who we hire – from recruiters and client managers to payroll and credentialing specialists. It’s a standard that has worked well for us, resulting in CrossMed being named one of the three Best Companies in Omaha to Work for in 2023, and being ranked in the top 15 of healthcare staffing companies nationwide by BluePipes each of the last two years.    


2. We have a traveler first mentality   

The best travel recruiting companies offer personalized support. That is precisely what CrossMed strives to achieve every day. Our recruiters work to understand your career goals and work diligently to find assignments that meet your needs. At the same time, they are a valuable resource for travelers, regardless if you are looking for your first assignment or have been on the road for years. We understand the market, the condition at hospitals, and trends in the industry which allow us to guide you through your career journey. 


3. We provide staffing solutions for healthcare facilities   

Healthcare facilities of all types – hospitals, long-term care facilities, out-patient clinics, etc. – are experiencing staffing issues. Our client managers work with third-party vendors and the facilities to gain access to job openings and to help be an advocate for our travelers to get the jobs. Our client managers specialize in being attentive to the needs of each facility and finding high-quality candidates that fit their requirements for experience, skills, and pay. This is what allows us to match the right traveler with the right job and create a successful healthcare experience for everyone – especially the patient.    


Become part of our traveling healthcare team

At CrossMed, we strive each day to make a difference in the lives of healthcare professionals by being a valuable resource for them on a personal level and helping them reach their career goals. It’s who we are and it’s in our DNA. It’s what makes us the right choice to be your partner for your travel healthcare career. Are you interested in becoming part of the CrossMed traveling team? Contact a recruiter today!  

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