Skills Checklist


Let’s assess your clinical skills and experience. Fill out this checklist to get one step closer to your next opportunity.

1 = No theory and/or experience 2 = Limited Experience 3 = Experienced/minimal support needed to perform 4 = Proficient

  • General Skills

  • Infusion Pump

  • Neuro General Skills

  • Neuro – Care of Patient with:

  • Cardiac General Skills

  • Cardiac – Care of Patient with:

  • Knowledge and Use Of:

  • Respiratory General Skills

  • Respiratory – Care of Patient with:

  • Knowledge and Use of

  • Gastrointestinal General Skills and Patient Care of:

  • Knowledge and Use of:

  • Genitourinary/Renal General Skills

  • Genitourinary/Renal Care of Patient with:

  • Endocrine General Skill and Patient Care with:

  • Vascular General Skills

  • Other:

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY

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